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Why are we being fed by a poisons expert?  Concise and brilliantly presented piece about Monsanto, from news and political satire show, The Undercurrent


Previous suggestions:

Seed Matters: a lovely film produced by our friends at the Great Seed Festival. Includes Shane Holland (Slow Food London) explaining succinctly the way that GM allows corporations to control the seeds that feed us.

Interview with Oxitec CEO about the company's attempts to commercialise its GM mosquito. (Note: you do NOT need to register to listen) Oxitec are still claiming all the GM offspring die and that mosquitoes are "eliminated" in test areas (we'd like to see the peer reviewed data on that) when we know this is not accurate - see more background here, but note the action is no longer active. Note also the claim of "not many" concerns from regulators despite two flagship projects (DBM in the UK and olive flies in Spain) have both been pulled after regulators asked safey questions the company could not answer. Top quote: "I think it's very important not to overhype benefits...It's really important to be transparent."

**Steve Marsh is an organic farmer in Western Australia. GM canola (oilseed rape) contaminated 70% of Steve’s farm soon after the crop's commercialisation, and he lost his organic certification. He's taking his fight to court - read his story, help his cause. (See also Thin Ice Issues 20, 21, 23.)

**Paraguay's Forgotten Coup - good film asking some reasonable questions about what really lead to the change in government in Paraguay last year. See Thin Ice Issue 26, watch the film here

** Kenyan farmers say they are waiting for the EU to "catch up" with their use of non-GM agriculture. (listen from about minute 12.00)

Good film footage of superweeds in Brazilian crops. The text and voiceover are in Portuguese, but the pictures give a good indication of what farmers are up against.

**Two great short animated films by US restaurant company Chipotle (yes, they are selling a game on the back of the Scarecrow...): Back to the Start and The Scarecrow

If you need reasons to believe the two animations above, see this series of images by Philip H. Howard
Associate Professor, Michigan State University on corporate concentration in the seed industry.

**14-year old girl picks fight with bully TV host - and wins: Does what it says on the tin

In Business: Gene Patenting: Dr Helen Wallace of GeneWatch UK joins this BBC discussion on who owns our genes

**Urban Farm generates 6,000 lbs of food on just 1/10th acre: short film about an urban homestead

"Monsanto Act" passes: HuffPost Live interview on how the so-called Monsanto Protection Act passed into law in the US

**Thinking Aloud: King's College study finds GM proponents use more nonscientific language than skeptics, among other things.

Anti-Monsanto House Remix: Sista M reminds us of a few home truths.

AquaBounty Hoping to Serve DNA-Altered Salmon on US Plates: ABC story a good rounding up the issues that includes AquaBounty CEO saying GM salmon "will make you healthier"...

**Why Poverty? Poor Us - An Animated History of Poverty: An excellent, accessbile examination of why poverty persists.

Dr Julia Wright, Deputy Director of the Centre for Agroecology and Food Security at Coventry University, gave a presentation called  "Ensuring Food Security Through Agroecological Approaches – Why isn’t it a 'No‐Brainer'?"   to the GMF AGM in October 2012. (pdf 4.7 Mb)

Meet a fish farmer: US Soybean Export Council greenwashes soya in fish farms (remember: 90%+ of the US soy crop is GM)

**Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?: Super little outline of why we don't need GM or industrial ag.

GM crops increase chemical use in the US: Interview with Charles Benbrook by BBC's Farming Today programme on his work examining chemical use in US GM crops.

Big Tobacco lawyers target food industry: Great BBC Newsnight piece looking at deceptive labelling, etc, by Big Food

Seed Diversity: A global route to food security?: A photo essay by the Gaia Foundation to celebrate Seed Freedom Fortnight, farmers' seed knowledge and to highlight the threat to global food and farming from industrialised and GM agriculture.

"Funeral" Protest Against Teagasc GM Trial: A GM-free Ireland mock funeral procession to mark "the death of Ireland's good food sector" held in Dublin to oppose the Teagasc field trial of GM potatoes.

**GMO, Global Alert: A 12+ minute documentary of the two-year feeding trial by CRIIGEN in France finding increased death and tumour rates in rats fed GM and Roundup. (Note: Contains images of affect lab animals.) 

GMO Evidence: A super little website mapping GM research around the world. (Note contains images of affected animals).

Death by Spraying: A 25-minute documentation of the Permanent People's Tribunal Session on Agrochemical Transnational Corporations features interviews of the witnesses and members of the jury, as well as footage of some of the cases presented at the tribunal in Bangalore in December 2011. We invite you to watch it at . Please share it as well with your friends and network.

Press conference on the threat of GM wheat - 11 September 2012. Safe Food Foundation Director Scott Kinnear, University of Canterbury Professor Jack Heinemann, and Flinders University Professor Judy Carman, discuss the potential threats of CSIRO's GM Wheat and explain why safety testing is needed.

**Secrets of Our Living Planet: A superb look at the interconnectedness of habitats. This is why you can't change on bit and expect the rest to keep working normally...

**Pasture Promise TV: A wide variety of clips and discussions about genuinely sustainable farming like "Do Nothing Farming - What happens when you work with nature instead of battling against it...".

Commissioner Dalli: Interview on GM policy, GM "benefits to humanity" and the independence of EFSA in its safey assessments.

Commission Dalli: Brussles seeks to resolve GM honey trap.

Make Finance Work: A short film from Attac about the financialisation of nature and real alternatives to commodification of everything. 

**The Men Who Made Us Fat: Episode 1 is a very good BBC expose of how the food industry manipulates food policy. (Sadly this programme, and its sister programme The Men Who Made Us Thin, are no longer available on iPlayer, but keep your eyes peeled for repeats of these very good series as they are well worth a watch.)

Bitter Seeds: Forced into debt by genetically modified farming, vast numbers of Indian farmers are committing suicide, but one brave fatherless daughter has had enough and wants some answers. See the trailer at this ilnk.

Farm Radio: Lots of clips (video and audio) on issues of concern to farmers of today and tomrrow. 

**Seeds of Freedom: The story of seed has become one of loss, control, dependence and debt, written by those who want to make vast profit from our food system. It’s time to change the story.

Why take action to stop GM alfalfa: A great animated short from Canada's CBAN looking at the role alfalfa plays in the food chain.

What is behind the "responsible" soy label?: Animation from several organisations exposing the truth behind the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS).

**Farmer to farmer: Mike Hart's short film talking to US farmers about their experience of growing GM crops

**Everything you need to know about EFSA (in 3 mintues): An animated look at coflicts of interest between the European Food Safety Authority and big business from CEO.

A Better World Is Possible (pdf 40kb): A book about strategies for a more sustainable future (link is Amazon review)

New Technology and Future of Pigweed Control: Video from University of Tennessee Extension Plant Sciences expert Larry Steckel discussing the fight against herbicide resistant weeds.

Pigweed Resistance: How much? To what? And where?: Video from Robert Nichols of Cotton Incorporated discussing the emergence of herbicide resistant weeds in cotton.

Palmer Amaranth (Pigweed) Threat To Georgia Crops: News clip from Georgia Farm Monitor.