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The GM Freeze campaign brings together individuals and organisations who share the public's deep concern about genetic modification in food and farming. Some believe the technology has no place in our countryside or on our plates. Others are worried about proper regulation and consumer choice. We are united in seeing an immediate need to stop and consider the massive social, economic and environmental effects GM is having worldwide.

Members include the Soil Association, Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, GeneWatch UK, the Organic Research Centre, Econexus, grassroots campaigners, farmers, scientists, retailers and many others.

Gift Aid: Gift Aid only applies to charities. GM Freeze is a non-for-profit company limited by guarantee (our legal status) so we cannot participate in Gift Aid. Thank you for thinking of us.

GM Freeze is the only UK national umbrella organisation whose exclusive work is to champion the public’s deep concern about genetic modification in food and farming. We rely on subscriptions from our member organisations and individuals, as well as donations, for a large part of our funding. 

(Photo credit: Benjamin Earwicker