Feed me the Truth about GM animal feed

Supermarkets across the UK are selling products from GM-fed animals and customers are being kept in the dark. Join GM Freeze's new campaign to let them know that's just not good enough.

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What's the problem?

Most people in the UK don't eat food made from GM ingredients but they are eating eggs, milk, dairy products, poultry, red meat and farmed fish from animals that have been fed GM soya and/or maize. GM-fed products don't have to be labelled so consumers are being kept in the dark. As David Hughes, professor of food marketing at Imperial College London told the National Farmers Union Conference in February 2016, "we find it convenient not to make a big noise about it."

What are we doing about it?

GM Freeze has ranked the UK's top ten supermarkets on their policy relating to GM animal feed, on the information they provide to consumers and on the range of non GM-fed own brand products they have available. In our October 2016 rankings, Waitrose received 2 of a possible 5 stars, while everyone else failed to score!

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Get involved

Join the growing band of people letting the supermarkets know that you want them to Feed you the Truth and that you want to buy non GM-fed eggs, milk, dairy products, poultry, red meat and farmed fish.

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PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN to help us reach more people with this campaign and continue working to create a world in which our food is produced responsibly, fairly and sustainably.