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Put people in the picture about GM animal feed

People are being kept in the dark about GM animal feed. Put them in the picture by getting creative with a blindfold.

What you can do

 Put yourself in the picture

It's quite diffiM&S #FeedmetheTruthWaitrose #FeedmetheTruthcult to take a blindfold selfie (we've tried!) so ask a friend to take a snap of you wearing a blindfold and doing something related to food. You could:

  • Hold up a suitable product. This campaign is about  supermarket own-brand non-organic animal products, so that's meat, milk, eggs, dairy products and farmed fish.

  • Stand beside a display of these products in your favourite supermarket, or the one you most want to name and shame.
  • Peer into a branded supermarket shopping bag, or stand outside with their sign in the background.

Whatever photo you take, it will be more effective if there is some branding for one of our ten target supermarkets in the shot.

 Share and share alike

Post your picture on Facebook or Twitter, with a comment that explains why you want them to #FeedmetheTruth.supermarket facebook page

  • With Facebook, it's usually better to comment on one of the supermarket’s own posts. Find a reasonably sensible link between what they are trying to promote and the comments you want to make but do be creative and include your picture.
  • On Twitter, make sure you tag the supermarket you want to name and shame. Images no longer count against your 140 characters so do include a picture whenever you can. We know from experience that tweets including photos or videos are much more likely to be noticed and shared.
  • Make it clear that you want to buy more non #GMfed eggs, milk, other dairy, poultry, red meat or fish products.
  • Tag your posts with #FeedmetheTruth and mention @gmfreeze if you have room, so we can see what you post and share more widely.

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you can share other campaign photos and comments to help spread the word.

Use other social media networks too, including #FeedmetheTruth wherever possible. Let us know if you have any success in other networks as GM Freeze is currently only active on Facebook and Twitter.

 Have a blindfold brainstorm

Get together with friends, family, colleagues or members of local groups in your area and really have some fun. The blindfold symbolises the fact that customers are being kept in the dark about the fact that most supermarket meat, eggs and dairy products come from GM-fed animals.Feed me the Truth launch photo

Anything that helps get that message across in a lively and entertaining way will help get more publicity for the campaign. Ideas you might want to consider include:

  • Taking a group of blindfolded shoppers into a particular store. This might work well with someone filming what happens but remember to stay safe and have at least one group member with their eyes wide open.
  • Putting a blindfold on a statue, model or iconic local image. Make sure you can explain to people in person and via the media that you are highlighting the fact you want supermarkets to #FeedmetheTruth about GM animal feed.

If you want your group action to relate to a particular supermarket, make sure that the supermarket’s branding is visible and that you are focusing on the right products – see our Products Table and Five Star Standard rankings for the latest info.

If you are part of a group that wants to stage a press stunt, or if you have an idea that you think might attract media attention, please get in touch to see if we can help.

Whatever you do, please remember to use the two hashtags #FeedmetheTruth and #GMfed when sharing online so we can follow what you are doing.

Background to this action

GM Freeze is urging the UK's top ten supermarkets to Feed me the Truth about GM animal feed.

Most non-organic farm animals in the UK are given genetically modified feed, despite the fact that none of the crops they are fed can legally be grown here. The crops they are eating are designed to either tolerate repeated spraying with particular weedkillers (usually glyphosate) or produce pesticides within their own cells. They are associated with some of the most damaging farm practices in the world and are harming people, animals and the environment.

GM ingredients have to appear on the label, but GM feed does not need to be mentioned so consumers are being kept in the dark.

We’re using the simple visual effect of a blindfold to highlight the fact that we are being kept in the dark about GM animal feed. Any strip of material will do, a narrow scarf or even a tie, as long as it’s comfortable to wear and shows up in a photo.

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